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Rebalance your gastrointestinal health after the holidays

Rebalance your gastrointestinal health after the holidays

Article by: Megan Meisner

Following the happiest time of the year, these sweet holiday celebrations could turn out to be a real nightmare. All those servings of turkey or log may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, which may linger.

Also, let’s not forget the weather-related issues. Did you know that antibiotics do more damage to your stomach than good to your sinuses? After the holiday season, consider investing in your gut health with Florastor!

Less festive drawbacks

After the holiday season where we usually participate in a lot of festivities (and that usually means rich foods and alcohol), all that unbalanced diet wreaks havoc on the stomach. Therefore, winter is a critical time for gastrointestinal health.

Here are some of the benefits of taking probiotics after the holidays:

  • You will suffer less from intestinal discomfort 
  • After consuming a large and rich meal, or after drinking alcohol, a balanced gut will help protect against stomach problems. Probiotics will help you keep your gut flora on point.
  • You’ll keep holiday tension down.
  • No matter what we prepared, this festive period is still hectic. To help you cope with the holiday frenzy, a good bowel will help relieve stress.
  • You will lessen the side effects of taking antibiotics.
  • Taking antibiotics can often create dysbiosis. This imbalance in the intestinal flora can be easily avoided by combining the intake of your antibiotics with Florastor probiotics.

Florastor Probiotics VS Dysbiosis

In the process of digestion, the intestines are populated with billions of living microorganisms that lead the way. These are actually a type of “good bacteria”, and outnumber the cells in your whole body! Over time, bad eating habits and/or high doses of antibiotics decrease the optimal concentration of “good bacteria”, beneficial for our intestines and our health, and increase the development of unhealthy bacteria.

Taking a probiotic supplement will help replenish your body with what it needs to keep you on top of it. But how exactly do Florastor probiotics work?

Florastor Probiotics when combined with prolonged use of antibiotics, can help minimize their side effects, such as diarrhea. In general, you can benefit from their implementation in your daily life whether you have chronic digestive problems or not!

Take the holidays by the guts and enjoy a moment of relief. The best thing is, over time the benefits of taking Florastor probiotics will increase, thus continuously improving your well-being from the inside out.

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