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In March 2023, Florastor joined Arbre-Évolution, a cooperative dedicated to the well-being of communities through a symbiosis between the forest, humans, and their environment. What will be the benefits of this partnership? Nothing less than 500 trees planted in living environments, 109 tons of carbon sequestered, and 75 students mobilized in the fight against climate change.

Who is Arbre-Évolution (Tree-Evolution)?

This organization in operation since 2009 plants trees in the four corners of Quebec! Since its creation, it has accumulated projects for the restoration of ecosystems and riparian strips, edible landscaping, greening and, finally, the transmission of knowledge. On the one hand, their projects involve communities (young and old) and raise environmental awareness in schools to facilitate the ecological transition and promote the sustainability of greening projects, among other things.

Two innovative programs to offset carbon emissions

To offset the carbon emissions of companies and individuals, Arbre-Évolution has created two programs: the Social Reforestation Program TM and Carbone Ripain TM.

The Social Reforestation Program TM aims to plant dedicated trees to reduce our ecological footprint. This program makes it possible to reduce pollution in the atmosphere by ensuring the growth of trees in the long term, but also to raise awareness among citizens. It also ensures high standards and verified practices capable of guaranteeing the positive impact of each tree planted. Analyzed by an independent research project, the Program offers an approach validated by Coop Carbone and sponsored by FSC Canada. Carbone Riverain, meanwhile, is an ambitious carbon sequestration program that allows us to offset our greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the quality of river water. This objective requires the widening of riparian strips in agricultural areas.

By planting 500 trees in its name, Florastor will thus make it possible to green several living environments in the greater Montreal area, to involve communities, to participate in the fight against heat islands, to promote the regeneration of soils and biodiversity. in addition to storing 106 tons of carbon!

To learn more about your carbon emissions, we encourage you to visit https://calculcarbone.org/

Additional involvement in eco-education for the future of the world

Arbre-Évolution has also set up Le Semoir, a program for schools to promote environmental education. Too often forgotten in the school curriculum, this subject has every interest in being taught by 30 trainers who are part of the Semoir network. There are 60 workshops in Le Semoir's repertoire, covering themes ranging from urban agriculture to eco-entrepreneurship, from herbalism to the sound management of residual materials, from beekeeping to the protection of the River. St-Laurent. With the involvement of partners like Florastor, the workshops can be offered free of charge to schools, making them accessible regardless of the environment.

For its part, Florastor provided tools for 75 students in two schools: École Curé-Labelle (Laval, Quebec) and Collège Beaubois (Montréal, Quebec). The workshops focused respectively on trees and the climate, on the protection of the St. Lawrence River and on the manufacture of “seed bombs”.

Finally, Le Semoir seeks nothing less than to awaken in young people the desire to become committed eco-citizens and to equip them to face the climate crisis. Raising our youth’s awareness of the living environments that surround them, isn’t that the best solution for preparing the rest of the world?

Laurence Côté-Leduc, M. Sc. Coordinator of the Semoir

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